Growth Hormone Facts

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Growth hormone (GH abbreviated) always had the predicate that it was very expensive and was therefore also not as growth hormone supplementspopular. Today the black market prices for lower growth hormone. Determine the price and availability, therefore, often the popularity and thus the use. The question is what the effects of growth hormone on the short and long term? We are for you dived in the scientific and medical literature, and we will inform you of A (via GH) to Z.

What is growth hormone?
Growth hormone is a hormone composed of 191 amino acids and that is made and released in the pituitary gland. The pituitary is a bag-shaped bulge at the bottom of the brains and is the central node of our hormone system. Other names for growth hormone are: human growth hormone (hGH), somatotropin and somatroop hormone (abbreviated as STH).

What is the function of growth hormone?
Growth hormone itself has only a few types of cells have a growth stimulating effect. Its main function is to stimulate the production and release of growth factors, particularly IGF-1 (see diagram). IGF-1 stands for insulin-like growth factor 1. After example, a growth hormone injection 20 hours after you see a spike in IGF-1 concentration. IGF-1 is also a growth promoter and affects both muscle and bone tissue.
Growth hormone stimulates inter alia, the protein synthesis. Also affects the various metabolic processes in which carbohydrates, fats and minerals are involved. Growth hormone acts directly and indirectly (through IGF-1) tend to promote the growth all tissues, both cell division and the size of the cells is increasing. The effect of growth hormone is best seen in children. It promotes the longitudinal growth of the bone tissue (especially in the arms and legs). That effect on height growth stops when the growth plates are ossified and that’s the end of puberty.

Release of growth hormone
The release of growth hormone is regulated in the brains by two components: growth hormone releasing factor (abbreviated GHRF) and space. GHRF has the function of stimulating the growth hormone release, and somatostatin, inhibits release properly. These two control hormones are secreted by the hypothalamus and come through special blood vessels in the anterior pituitary gland. The ratio between the two hormones determines the release of growth hormone.

Growth hormone is not produced evenly throughout the day, but jerkily. When you sit still during the day, there is very little growth hormone created. The production of growth hormone bursts occur in strong exercise, stress, protein intake and about two hours after falling asleep.

Throughout your entire life is growth hormone created and secreted. From birth to adolescence and the high separation. This is also the period that you grow considerably in length. In the course of your life takes the issue of growth hormone, as with so many other things in your body. Adults producing between 0.4 to 1.0 milligrams (one thousandth of a gram) per day.

Through complex negative feedback systems, the release of growth hormone kept within bounds. In other words, the concentration of growth hormone but also the concentrations of IGFs (insulin-like growth factors) ensure that the production of growth hormone is screwed back.

Medical use of growth hormone
The official medical term for growth hormone in pharmacy books is somatropin. There are five types of somatropin registered in Netherlands: GenotropinÒ, HumatropeÒ, NorditropinÒ, NutripinaqÒ and ZomactonÒ. Sometimes it is somatropin present in powder form and is a solvent supplied, sometimes it is pre-mixed and it is in a pen. A pin is a combination of a small stock with an injection system.

There are basically two indications for growth hormone.Firstly, children who are lagging well behind in the length growth. By administration of growth hormone is the growth of the so-called epiphyseal stimulated in the long bones. As a result, there is a gain of a few centimeters length growth rate per annum. They receive a daily subcutaneous injection that evening is given to simulate. Normal nocturnal peak growth hormone
The second group is the adult too little growth hormone and therefore has all kinds of problems, such as obesity, low muscle mass and strength, rapid fatigue, decreased bone density and high LDL (bad) cholesterol.

To synthetic human growth hormone
In our information, we always give warning that growth hormone of human origin may contain germs, such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. This is the human variant of mad cow disease (BSE). It turned out that some persons with human growth hormone (obtained from brains of cadavers) were treated later developed Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. From that point (1986!) Hormone is made synthetically by DNA recombinant technique. Nevertheless found the Health Care Inspectorate in July 2002 an illegal growth hormone Russian party in the Netherlands. The party was of human origin (see photo). Through a press release and other media expressions were (potential) users warned of the risks.

Gigantism and acromegaly
Some people are already much growth hormone naturally produced, sometimes caused by a benign tumor. When that happens already at a young age and the growth plates have not closed it can lead to a huge growth in height. You then called gigantism. Already grown and find excessive production of growth hormone place you speak of acromegaly. Acromegaly is a combination of acro (= the protruding body parts: nose, jaw, ears, hands and feet) and megalie (= magnification). The effects of growth hormone in acromegaly can serve as examples of what happens when sent to high doses of growth hormone use.

Effects of growth hormone supplementation
The administration of growth hormone can lead to different effects in your body. You should, however, realize that growth hormone and his entire family (IGFs) is a very complex and it is not known how it all works. The effects depend on both the dose, the duration and frequency of use. The effects are listed below by category.

Muscle Growth
Muscles can be increased by the use of growth hormone in masses. Growth hormone allows for an increase of the protein synthesis and inhibits protein degradation. Most of the growth effect is indirect, ie through IGF-1. The increased muscle mass is another increase in muscle mass than the increase in muscle mass that you have gained through training, to rest and eat well. Normally, damage your muscle tissue somewhat by training hard. During the peace that you then give the muscles, restore this again, when you eat at least good. Through this process (super compensation), muscles bigger, thicker and stronger. Through the use of growth hormone, the muscles will increase in size. However, the extracted muscle does not consist of muscle fibers that make you stronger. See the muscles stimulated by growth hormone therefore especially great out there but you will not immediately much stronger. Many acromegalen have more muscle mass than the average person, but it often suffer from muscle weakness. Because growth hormone is rapidly degraded daily (high) doses necessary and you will have to use, which is a costly matter. Consecutive months

Bone and connective tissue growth
The natural release of growth hormone in the body provides the (bone) growth and development of the body. As you get older will reduce the release thereby reducing this effect. You can probably imagine that administration of growth hormone in adulthood also ensures growth of the bones. This gives besides an increase in muscle mass phenomena as larger, thicker feet, fused fingers, thicker ribs, a sharp protruding jaw line or an enlarged forehead. These effects are permanent, forever! Besides human growth hormone makes sure that the stronger connective tissue, such as tendons and cartilage. Whether you are therefore less vulnerable to tendon ruptures is unknown. The skin is thicker. In anti-aging studies found that older men had a thicker skin after growth hormone administration. Even your tongue can grow and thicken!

Organ growth
Organs also can not avoid the effects of growth hormone, such as the heart, the kidneys, and other organs. There has been times speculated that growth hormone is the cause of the bulging bellies of top bodybuilders.

Tumor growth
Of anabolic was already known that if you use it and you have a tumor in your body that the anabolic process that further accelerate. For growth hormone same applies. Which can also be conducive to tumor growth.

Increased metabolism
Growth hormone has multiple effects on metabolism. First, it promotes the conversion of fat into fatty acids. The fat stores in small portions sent the bloodstream at an accelerated pace. Growth hormone stimulates the conversion of glycogen into glucose. Practically creates growth hormones to release a lot of energy.

Fat reduction
The title of this article says it all. Growth hormone can both grow as slimming. In fact, a stronger growth hormone slimming than one muscle growth medium. In scientific studies, which often last only a short time and with the dosages not the bodybuilding practice approach, it often appears that athletes do to lose weight but do not go ahead in muscle mass. A relatively low dose growth hormone can reduce fat mass in overweight people. Growth hormone stimulates lipolysis and inhibits footmuff. It seems more or less room to work, because sometimes it is advisable always to change, otherwise locally onderhuidsvet is broken. Injection site

Hormonal changes
Growth hormone mobilizes glucose in the bloodstream and in response, more insulin is created for that increase glucose counter. This increase in the blood glucose levels can lead to glucose intolerance and even to diabetes. In addition to insulin growth hormone supplementation has also influence on the thyroid hormone and androgen’s. In women, it can also lead to menstrual disorders. As with anabolic use also increases its own production of growth hormone when using ‘outside’.

Other disorders
There are also other disorders described with the use of growth hormone. Because the water and salt to hold, this can lead to higher blood pressure, for joint and muscle pains. It also leads to a decrease of the good (HDL) cholesterol levels and his heart muscle disorders described herein.

Growth hormone use in sports
For some time growth hormone (and IGF-1) on the doping list of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). As yet no athlete tested positive for growth hormone. The sprint star Kelly White, caught Modafinil and before two years suspended, has also admitted to have used growth hormone also.
Developing a doping test for growth hormone has been one of the long-term. For years and was worked on and since the Tour the France 2004 is a test. There are now over a hundred analyzes performed, all were found to be so negative. The scientific studies that have been done to determine the performance-enhancing effect of growth hormone is, show that the disappointing performance-enhancing effect.

Oops, I grow?
In conclusion, growth hormone seems to loose weight rather than a muscle grower. It is expensive, especially because it only produces effects over longer time. In addition, the price tag for your health is not wrong. In addition to the risks described using human growth hormone is not much known about forgeries of growth hormone. There are stories that HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin =) was delivered instead of GH (may not be read properly?). This kind of counterfeits is to figure out a pregnancy test from the drug store quickly.

Rather on their own!
Is boosting your growth hormone production. Naturally a healthy alternative As indicated at the beginning of the article there are some factors that have growth hormone release your influence. Make at least adequate (deep) sleep. Also your training has significant influence. In a recent review article muscle researchers Kraemer & Rata Mess give (Sports Medicine, 2005) to which you must meet in order to give you growth hormone. A boost training The tips are: use a lot of muscle mass in your training, train with high volume, take short breaks between sets so you lactic good increases, further shows concentric muscular work more growth hormone pulse than eccentric muscle work (negative), and finish an exercise with a set with a relatively low weight with which you make a lot of repetitions. Care also of course plenty of rest and an optimal diet (lots of protein and carbohydrates). Do not grow at any cost, it can be very healthy and cheap!


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