HGH Therapy and Injections to Help Battle the Signs of Aging

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Aging will affect all of us someday, and for some, a lot sooner than later. Even if we try to prevent aging by eating right and exercising, it will slowly creep up on us. Medical advancements have opened up a new form of therapy that helps treat and manage the signs and symptoms of aging. HGH therapy is one such medical advancement that has shown amazing promise for many men and women. While HGH therapy is certainly not a fountain of youth, it has provided some great defense against many debilitating of the effects of low HGH levels

In our bodies, the pituitary gland is responsible for regulating HGH (human growth hormone) production and may vary based on many factors. Age is one of these factors. When we are young and in our adolescent years, HGH production is at its highest, which explains our healthy skin, high energy levels and more. HGH is responsible for our growth and production of cells that help fight disease, and aides in maintaining a healthy body. However, as we age, there is a natural drop in our HGH production in our body, which can cause a myriad of effects. While this lack of production is natural, significant drops in HGH levels can lead to troubling symptoms that can wreak havoc on our daily lives.

Some of the signs of depleted HGH levels in men and women may include:

* Increased body fat
* Decreased energy levels
* Unhealthy looking skin and hair
* Hair loss
* Lack of libido and sexual energy
* Weak or short lasting erections in men
* …and more

BodyLifeMD is one of the nation’s fastest growing HGH therapy networks that may be able to provide relief through supervised HGH therapy. BodyLifeMD provides physician supervised HGH therapy and HGH injections for both men and women, and offer monitored support to track progress. With locations nationwide, BodyLifeMD makes scheduling an HGH therapy appointment and consultation easy and convenient.

What types of HGH therapy does BodyLifeMD offer?

Once you schedule your first consultation with your local BodyLifeMD, your physician will go through your symptoms and ask some discovery questions. These questions will help to rule out more serious conditions like heart disease. Now is the time to be open and honest, and not hold anything back. Based on your symptoms, your BodyLifeMD physician will order a simple blood test to determine your exact levels of HGH in your body. From there, your physician will be able to determine if HGH therapy is right for you.

If your BodyLifeMD physician discovers that HGH therapy will be a benefit, HGH injections will be prescribed. HGH injections have shown the most promise for those lacking proper HGH levels and are easy to administer. HGH injections are administered from the comfort of your own home on a daily basis, so no need for daily or weekly office visits. Patients on the BodyLifeMD HGH therapy program commonly report that the injections are simple to use and are relatively painless, and they can schedule the HGH injections around their work and social lifestyle. You can expect the HGH injection needles to be small in size, which are extremely similar to those used for insulin injections for diabetics.

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