The HGH Patch – a simpler and easier HGH / Human Growth Hormone.

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HGH – (Human Growth Hormone treatment), has very few drawbacks and many benefits. Probably the most common drawback for users of HGH sprays or HGH pills is the frequency of each dose. Put simply, most of us just forget!

An efficient and economical solution to the problem of taking your daily-hgh, is to use the recently-introduced HGH Patch. The HGH patch is just stuck onto the arm, and then the re-invigorating HGH steadily migrates through the skin and into the body, at a continuous and constant rate. Great!

These new HGH patches are not universally available, and only a few companies manufacture them. But I have managed to secure a reliable supply for my HGH and Anti-Aging related web sites. On each site also provide a mass of useful information about aging related subjects. You’ll find those site addresses at the end of this article.

In case you have been on a desert island for the past 20 years, and have not heard of the benefits of Human Growth Hormone, here is a short but detailed summary:

HGH Therapy and Treatment – an introduction

After the age of fifteen to seventeen our body’s production of human growth hormone (HGH) starts to reduce significantly. By the time the average teenager gets to adulthood, he or she has an accelerating growth hormone deficiency. This fall in HGH production gathers speed as we get older. As our levels of human growth hormone decline, our immune systems also decline, and diseases normally associated with aging start to emerge.

But medical research is fighting back. Recent discoveries seem to be pointing the way to solutions, including replacing the missing Human Growth Hormone, or (more simply) persuading our pituitary glands (which should be producing HGH) to produce greater quantities of HGH than they would otherwise produce.

This treatment, now commercially available, is know as HGH Therapy. Human growth hormone therapy is safe, and no significant side effects have been found in treatment protocols. The use of Growth Hormone with children and adults has now been approved in the United States, The UK, much of the EU, and many other countries.

Here are some of the benefits of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy revealed as a result of several experiments over recent years:-

* Slowing or Reversal of many of the effects of aging

* A 14% reduction in body fat over a six months period, without dieting

* A 9% increase in lean muscle mass again over six months, and without exercise

* An increased level of energy and stamina

* Enhanced and extended sexual performance

* Reduction of stress levels

* Enhanced immune system, far less infections

* Reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol levels

* Reduced fatigue

* Reduction or even elimination of cellulite

* Increased cardiac output and exercise capacity

* Reversal of osteoporosis

* Improved kidney function

* Greatly accelerated wound healing

* Noticeable reduction of skin wrinkles producing younger, tighter, thicker skin

* Reductions in Memory Loss with improved cognitive functions

* Improve sleep patterns

* Reduction or reversal of muscle-wasting

* Enhanced and improved brain functions

* Less chronic or degenerative diseases

* Improved visual acuity

Improvements in Strength and Reductions in Body Fat, using (HGH) Human Growth Hormone –

* A 72% improvement in body fat loss.

* More than an 80% increase in muscle size and mass

* An 88% increase in muscle strength

* An 81% increase in exercise performance

* An 80%- improvement in physical endurance

Improvements to Skin and Hair using (HGH) Human Growth Hormone –

* A 68% gain in skin thickness and texture

* A 71% improvement in skin elasticity

* Over 50% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles

* A 38% improvement in new hair growth

Better Healing and Mobility with (HGH) Human Growth Hormone –

* 61% improvement of recovery time from injury

* 71% improvement in general healing ability

* 53% improvement in back flexibility

* 73% improvement in resistance to common illnesses

Sexual Function and HGH Human Growth Hormone –

* 75% increase in sexual potency/frequency

* 62% rise in the duration of erections

* 57% less overnight urination

* Nearly 60% reduction of hot flushes

* 38% improvement to the regulation of the menstrual cycle

Other benefits of using HGH Human Growth Hormone

* Over 60% improvement in memory capacity

The results of using commercial Human Growth Hormone products, especially when combined with other anti-aging treatments, can sometimes be amazing. It should however be remembered that no single person taking part in those various HGH studies had all the improvements I mention here. These were however measurable results achieved by some of the research volunteers, but not all of them.

As I said at the beginning of this article, HGH is available as an HGH Pill, an HGH Spray (you spray HGH under the tongue), and now also as a standard strength or high strength HGH Patch. To learn more about all aspects of HGH Therapy and to price the various products available, or learn where to buy hgh online, use the links in the next paragraph.

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