HGH – Hollywood’s Fountain Of Youth

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Science is always on its edge when it comes to exploring new horizons. Modern science has recently shown that the brain and all other body systems continue to grow physically even when we are old. The discovery of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and the concomitant production and demand for HGH supplements is a product of modern science. But while (HGH) has been associated with the world of sports for years, it is gradually becoming more popular in Hollywood.

HGH supplements are given by doctors as an anti-aging tool and have been proven to add elasticity and thickness to the skin, improve well being, and enhance recovery after an exhausting exercise. This is a big advantage for gym goers and athletes. Most Hollywood stars of today, however, use and depend on HGH for their young looking and soft skin and powerful muscles.

Many of the stars deny that they use supplements to make it appear that their fantastic body and youthful skin are “natural”. On the other hand, some celebrities are honest enough to give credit to HGH supplements. Sylvester Stallone, the Rambo star, is one who announced openly that his use of HGH is the secret to his superb physical appearance, toned muscles, and very youthful appearance at the age of 60. Sylvester Stallone declared that he is using HGH supplements along with testosterone injections to shape up for his movie “Rambo”. The star of “Rambo” said nothing but praises for the brilliant invention of HGH supplements, making them appear as this century’s “fountain of youth”.

From centuries ago, men have attempted to discover the so-called “fountain of youth”: the elixir to fighting aging and its effects. Aging is considered as one of the most difficult challenges facing the scientific world of science. However, some scientists have discovered a number of products that can hold their stand against this man’s great foe called aging.

HGH is produced by our pituitary gland to control our muscles, enhance bone growth, and lower fat and cholesterol levels in our body. When we grow old, HGH naturally decreases like all other hormones. At 60, an average person has only about 80 percent of HGH compared to what he had when he was three decades younger. When a person loses HGH, he faces a higher chance of experiencing age-related diseases as well as suffering from a decrease in muscle mass and strength. Body muscles are also turned to fat. Other symptoms of HGH loss include social isolation, increased anxiety, and poor general health.

HGH has proven a number of anti-aging benefits. HGH supplements, when injected in a person’s body, can decrease aging to some extent. HGH can stimulate other tissues and the liver to trigger a response that stimulates cartilage cells, thereby enhancing bone growth. HGH also improves the uptake of amino acid and synthesis of protein in muscles and body tissues, thus resulting in muscle growth. As muscle mass increases, a person becomes stronger. Body fat is distributed evenly making one leaner.

HGH has a vital effect for lipids and proteins, and the metabolism of carbohydrates, making a person feel revitalized and re-energized. There are some HGH users who report improvement on vision as well as in memory and cognitive ability. HGH also makes the immune system stronger by making the body capable of fighting diseases and preventing infections. HGH produces a general feeling of positive well being, a decline in feelings of depression, a decrease in fat, an increase in muscle mass, and improvement of the skin’s thickness and elasticity.

HGH may not exactly the “fountain of youth” to some people as it is to Stallone, but one cannot deny the numerous health benefits it provides. As of now, HGH supplements are given through injectables. If you are considering the use of HGH, make sure that you consult your physician first. There are HGH laws that one must consider in purchasing and using this “wonder product”.

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